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Humifulvate - A Scientific Breakthrough in Metal Chelation
PharmaNutrients Botanical Corporation is the exclusive, world-wide distributor of Humifulvate®, a ground–breaking, new natural ingredient for heavy metal detoxification. Unlike EDTA, Humifulvate® is the most non-invasive and safest therapeutic approach.
Humifulvate® is a chemically identifiable and distinct humate/poliphenolic complex consisting of humic, fulvic and phenolic acids, derived from a peat found only in Hungary, on the Northern shore of Lake Balaton. Humifulvate® is an ingredient processed into a concentrate for inclusion in dietary supplement products for oral consumption, either in liquid or in solid form.

Applications: capsules, dry powder blends, beverages, tablets, syrups

Recommended Therapeutic Daily Dose of Humifulvate® - 75 mg


Humifulvate® and Dotated Humifulvate® are available in 500g, 4kg, and 10kg quantities.

Where Can You Purchase Humifulvate®?

Humifulvate® is distributed exclusively by PharmaNutrients Botanical Corporation.

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